I was extremely impressed with the program and Beth’s leadership during the program. The workshop provided a means for co-workers to understand and interact with each other in a very logical and productive way that has had lasting effects on the way we perform. I saw the power of the workshop immediately. The clarity and wisdom that Beth showed as the coach and leader were exemplary.

Inception Digital has grown quickly, we have added a number of new members to senior leadership, and were having some internal struggles. The program was a huge success and thanks to Beth, I am extremely happy to say that our group has gained a respect and trust with each other that did not exist before the workshop.

My team members walked away from the workshop with an understanding and common language that did not exist prior and now are friends outside of work and a great team at work.

Beth has also helped as an advisor to coach us through difficult situations. Just last month and 10 months away from our program, I participated in a meeting between two senior folks that were not seeing eye to eye on a number of issues. It was getting contentious. During the meeting, I used the skills taught to me by Beth. Problem was solved – literally, in that moment.

I couldn’t recommend Beth more strongly!”



I’ve been meaning to send you a note to tell you ‘thank you’ and how much I enjoyed the session you facilitated with us!

I LOVED it! You definitely ‘spoke’ to me throughout that entire session and I was just eating it up…thank you for exposing the rest of the team to those impactful, thoughtful, and purposeful training techniques! Your session with the group really encouraged and inspired new/different ways to think about things and look at things. The dialogue on emails amongst the group since has been extremely positive!

Definitely stay in touch! And, thanks again…please know you helped make a difference for us last week!”



I had the pleasure and wonderful opportunity of having Beth as both my mentor and coach.

Within a few sessions, it became evident that Beth is genuinely interested and passionate about helping people meet their full potential and achieve true happiness. She will consistently try to find ways to trigger your mind to guide you in the right direction.

It can be as simple as asking the right probing questions, setting up a test/exercise, and/or providing resources. She will keep trying until you are getting closer to where you want because at the end, she really just wants you to be happy. She will make time for you where you will always feel like you are a priority for her.”